Make a difference today by supporting volunteers. It is simple, fill in a nomination form and that is it! 


We talk a lot about helping our frontline staff, and families who are currently undergoing bereavement because of the loss of a loved one. Yet we must take some time to remember those who have or are currently, stepping up to the plate to support our great nation. 

1.  Fill in our form

2. Wait to hear from us

Download our nomination pack.

Once you have submitted your full application form, we will be in touch.

3. Watch the magic of giving

If your application for the person you have nominated is successful, their photo, along with their name will feature on website.

Everything is electronic to save the environment and to stop the spread of the infection.

Unlike other award schemes, we will be in touch in one way or another.

We are building this in time! Please bare with us! 


Can I nominate a group?

We are currently not accepting group nominations for organisations. However if there is a particular group of volunteers, we are happy to consider your nomination form.

Is it free?

Thanks to our wonderful public donations, this award scheme is free. However, we would still appreciate any donations! 

What do I win?

Winners will receive a certificate along with a prize each month in recognition of their hard work. Prizes are donated from our partners and does not come from donations made by the public.

How do you select a winner each month?

We discuss applications once a month with our team, and sometimes invite partners of our organisation. 


Download a full application below.